Jörmungandr D6 pack-Norse mythology dice - 10pcs

Jörmungandr D6 pack-Norse mythology dice - 10pcs


10 Piece dice set in deep green swirls together with very reflective gold glitter

Jörmungandr, the giant snake who lies in the water around the entire world, so huge he can bite his own tail. He earlier lived with the Aesir gods as one of Loki’s sons, but was cast down in to the sea by Odin because of his size. When he releases his tail, Ragnarök has come.

Lindorm: " We have gotten question for the longest time about D6 packs, so now we present to you, our first kickstarter line in D6 packs :)! Perfect for gaming systems like Vaesen!"

Standard 16 mm dice set
Contains D6 x 10

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