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Shipping Policy

After your order is placed, allow us 2-5 days of packing and caring for your order. As of now in the start, your dice will be packed in a neat little fabric bag (until we make our own bags) and then placed in a padded envelope.
We know that we live far apart from many of you, and therefor we feel thats it's extra important that the shipping fee does not put any extra weight on you. The shipping fee is $4 for a normal letter, where ever you are in the world! A tracked option is available for $14

Inside of Europe, your order will normaly arrive within 7 workdays from ship date.
Outside of Europe (USA, CANADA etc) your order will normaly arrive within 15 workdays from ship date.
If you are in Asia, please allow 2 workdays extra. However if your package hasn't reached you within this time, please allow until day 21 until you contact us. We will resend any package that has not reached you!

If you are in Sweden (Hejsan hoppsan!) your order should be with you 1-2 days after ship date!

NOTE: All wearable orders are sent separately from Spreadshirt!

Return & Exchange Policy

If your product doens't arrive, just tell us! We're on facebook and you can e-mail us any time, and we will try to figure out what happened, and if nothing else we will resend your order!

Please e-mail us with a photo and explain what went wrong. We will do our very best to help you and if something is wrong with the product we will always send you compensation without asking you to return your product, all we want is a photo and an explanation.
We will send a new product, the same as you ordered, and if it's out of stock we will figure out another compensation!

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