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Lindorm Dice Mimir

Lindorm Dice Mimir


7 Piece dice set in purple and blue swirls. The purple is Opaque and the blue is transparent with holographic glitter dust.

Mimir, son of Ymir, and possibly Odin's Uncle, was the guardian of Mimir's well, the fountain of wisdom. The same well Odin gave his eye for, only to drink from it's waters. In the end of the early war between Aesir and Vanir, a misunderstanding happened and the Vanir gods cut Mimir's head of. Odin kept the head from rotting by embalming it with herbs and singing galdrar in it's honor. This kept Mimir's spirit alive and the head would often give Odin sound advice.

Lindorm: " From our second kickstarter, the viking saga collection!"

Standard 16 mm dice set, but with a slightly bigger D20
Contains D4, D6 x 3, D8, D10, D%, D12, D20 x 2

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