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D20 - Ornament by Desmond Blackstone

D20 - Ornament by Desmond Blackstone


These amazing ornaments are right now being kickstarted by Desmond Blackstone (a well known name in the dice comunity), and we are excited to have them available for preorder!

The ornament is 55 mm in diameter and comes in a variety of colors! As we begin this preorder, there are 3 colors, but as their kickstarter unlock stretchgoals, we will update this page to carry more colors!

Each ornament is made of a lightweight plastic/resin material for a strong and long-lasting decoration! Weighing in at just under 1.8 oz you can drop these ornaments again and again without the fear of breaking into 101 bits like glass decorations.

Here is a link to the kickstarter:

For people in the UK, Canada or Australia, there are more retailers where you live that will carry these ornaments :) You find them on the kickstarter page!

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