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Dawn Child by Lindorm Dice

Dawn Child by Lindorm Dice


7 Piece dice set in 3 layers in dark orange, orange and golden yellow swirls.

What a beautiful day! He held his arms to the sky and gave the sun his biggest smile. Another day of give and take! He walked down the boarding plank of the ship, eyes set on a tavern far away in the city. When passing the buissy harbor street, not a single mind was given to the rampant carriage coming towards him in high speed. Just as the the carriege brazed it self for impact, he happened to see a fine bracelet one of the old seadogs were wearing and turned around from the carriege fested street, in the last second.
- Oh, that was lucky, he said and grinned. Anyway, that was a fine jewelry you got there, what do you want for it? 
- Golly lad! You call that lucky?? You almost died!
- Pish posh, now let me buy that bracelet from you, I just found this gold ring in my pocket to trade for it! Where did I get this? Oh no matter. 

Lindorm: " When we made this set, we wanted to create a faux liquid effect to represent the different devotions in our devotion line!"

Standard 16 mm dice setContains D4, D6, D8, D10, D%, D12, D20

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