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Chessex cirrus aqua w/ silver

Chessex cirrus aqua w/ silver


7 Piece dice set in aqua with white and blue swirls

Drystan put his head in the water filled bucket. He could feel the strain on his lungs but held steady. 1 minute passed, 2 minutes passed. His will ended before his breath and his head flew up from the bucket. This is not working...
- Barnabas, can you come here and hold my head under the water?
- What...?
- I'm learning to breath under water!

Lindorm: "The first dice set  one of us got as a kid. To this day it's still the most beautiful, watery set there is on the market!"

Standard 16 mm dice setContains D4, D6, D8, D10, D%, D12, D20

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