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When we started building Crossroads, our goal was to create a  challenging   role-playing game that motivates players to be creative and build their own style of play. A game where characters develop naturally, and their actions and skills shows you who they are, and what they have been through. Where risk and reward are two sides of the same coin, challenges come in many forms (such as combat, social intrigue, exploration and development), and cooperation is critical as no adventurer is the same and everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses.

To achieve this Crossroads contains a large and versatile skill-system. As a player, you get to choose and immerse yourself freely in the game’s many skills. Each skill works as a form of open skill tree with a lot to unlock and explore. Skills often interact with each other, and you are encouraged to explore and create your own combinations, as well as combine your abilities with friends to help and strengthen each other. 


Inspired by tactical board games, we have built Crossroads to challenge you to find your own way to overcome the threats and obstacles you face. You will need to make choices and weigh them carefully as resources and assets are never endless. Is it worth the risk of abandoning the protection of your shield to pick up the enemy’s two-handed broad sword? Do you want to get quick results by threatening and commanding others, or is it better to charm them and stay on good terms, even though it can sometimes be harder to get what you want? Do you trust the quality of the equipment you buy, or is it worth starting to immerse yourself in craftsmanship, even if your other studies need to wait? What do you want for breakfast?

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