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The Crossroads Kickstarter is funded!
Crossroads is to be released in 2024!

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Crossroads is a deep and sprawling adventure TTRPG system with a focus on personal stories and tactical gameplay. Inspired by deck building boardgames Crossroads gives players the power to customize their own playstyles that will be refined and evolve during play. When playing Crossroads, you will find that each conflict is fueled by ambition,  relationships can be built and lost, and every choice has a consequence. Teamwork and creative thinking will therefor always be important even if you become a master of your trade!


While playing crossroads you will journey through dangerous and broken worlds. Here there are no grand heroes or knights in untouched armor, only those who survive the best they can.  Protect what you love, be it with sword and axe in bloody battle, or kind words and warm food around the evening fire. 

On your travels you will soon discover the fields of knowledge that lie at the heart of Crossroads. Here you choose your paths and see your character evolve as the game goes on. You are free to roam these fields, learning and mastering whatever fits your wants and needs. 

Will you become a battle tactician fighting with spear and bow, or maybe find yourself as a con artist mastering the arts of skullduggery and advanced rhetoric? Either way, as you live and level up you will unlock abilities and be able to combine new mechanics that changes the way you play. 

What paths will you take, and who will you become?

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