Dagger of venom - Kyoketsu - Shoge metal dice

Dagger of venom - Kyoketsu - Shoge metal dice


7 Piece dice set in in bronze in a delicate pattern across every edge of the die


The dagger was sitting in the wall, like someone just had thrown it and left it. Nothing special at all. But in his eyes, it was a wonder. The thing he has searched for his entire life was before him. Just like that.


Lindorm: "In this amazing metal set, you will find that the creator spared no expense on detailes. Everything from the could pattern in the background, to the numbers all resemblind daggers if you look close enoug, the details never end. With the chain along every edge of the dice, we can only imagine the inspiration must have been taken from the Kyoketsu - Shoge weapon once wielded long ago.

Standard 16 mm dice set
Contains D4, D6, D8, D10, D%, D12, D20